processCzml signature different than defined

hello all,

As given in the dynamic scene module’s part in the cesium architecture[1] and also in the wiki article named ‘czml in cesium’ [2] the call to processCzml is shown as

dynamicObjectCollection.processCzml(czml), but in the reference document and also in the source code for processCzml, the function signature is : processCzml(czml, dynamicObjectCollection, ,). Shouldn’t the call be also made as processCzml(czml, dynamicObjectCollection) rather than dynamicObjectCollection.processCzml(czml)? I am not aware of all the syntax of javascript, so I might be wrong. Please clarify my doubt.



Thank you


Ayudh Das

Yes, you’re right. processCzml takes the dynamicObjectCollection as a parameter. The wiki pages were out of date, so I’ve revised them to update the syntax.


Thank you Scott for the clarification.