Python czml reader writer

FYI. I started an CZML redader writer for python:

comments and pull requests are welcome :wink:

Hi Christian,

This is awesome news. Thanks for sharing. I added a note to the czml-writer project to point python users your way. As your project progresses, we can do other things to help promote your work, e.g., a blog, links from the cesium website, etc.

Also, I should mention that there will be some changes to CZML as we work to formalize and standardize it this year. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from moving forward now. Some other folks on this list can provide better insight into the types of changes to expect.



The library is now in a usable state, look at


what it supports.

Cool - Congratulations Christian.

You are welcome to write a short guest blog post about it on the Cesium blog if you are up for it.


Just a bit of a status update:

Carl Fischer implemented: Cone, Ellipsoid, Pyramid, Orientation

thanks for contributing :slight_smile:

So we are getting a second reference implementation for a czml
reader/writer, there are still
a lot of gaps to be filled, so PRs are welcome :wink:

Christian - some of us just noticed this yesterday. Congrats! We think it is awesome.



  I am very excited to see your Python library for creating CZML files! I'm not great with Python, but I have a decent understanding of it. I've been trying to use your library, but I can't figure out how to create a CZML file.

  It would help newbies like me figure use your library much easier with an example. I think that if I saw a Python script that created a CZML file containing even a single point I would be able to get the rest from there. If I manage to get something working, I'll be happy to post the example!

-Thanks, Stephen

have a look at the tests:

Let me know if you need more guidance, happy to help :wink:

Dear Christian,

I would be most grateful if you could also write a tutorial on how to convert KML to CZML and how to create a CZML file in Python czml.

Thank you for your effort and contribution!

Best regards,

Hi Christian...

What's the state of this project? I'm interested in using your czml module but don't find your test scripts particularly instructive. I'm almost at the point of looking at a CZML document similar to what I want and just using python print statements to create a .czml file for my purposes.

Are there any applications out there? I have had trouble finding them online.

Let me emphasize that this looks *exactly like* what I need but the paucity of documentation is making me uncomfortable with investing time in using your software.


if you are interested in scala, there is my CZML library at:

This project has pretty much stalled as there now is support for
geojson and kml which cover my use cases.

I only used it in

since the time it was originally written czml has moved on, so YMMV
some things have changed

I currently do not support this any more.