QlikView: Turn Data into Insights Across all Aspects of your Business

Discover deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solution.

Why take Qlikview Developer and Server

  • QlikView is an intuitive analytical tool to create personalized reports and data visualizations.
  • It is a Qlik (Quality, Understanding, Interaction and Knowledge) based desktop tool, commonly known for its breakthrough visualization and discovery applications to create customized visuals
  • This is a combo training course, which gives you complete insights into implementing QlikView on your system and create the attractive and simple-to-understand data visualizations.
  • Companies using QlikView: Canon, Aditya Birla Manics, , ACI Consult, ADO, Berenberg Bank, Bliss, Aggregate Industries, BBS FOOD, Bianchi and others.
  • Career Opportunities

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