QuadTree tiles

Is it possible to show tiles in QuadTree format?
I have old tiles made with MapCruncher and used in Bing Maps, I would like to show them in Cesium.

Yes, Cesium loves quadtrees. Can you share with me a snippet of the directory of files that MapCruncher creates? It’s not obvious from the information I found on the web what tile organization MapCruncher uses.


Hi Kevin, thank you
this is a snippet of a tiles folder created with MpCruncher:

That looks like typical Bing Maps tile numbering, which makes sense. Unfortunately the BingMapsImageryProvider in Cesium is a bit too closely tied to Microsoft’s actual servers, so it won’t work out-of-the-box with a directory like this. It should be pretty straightforward to adapt it, though. I wrote issue #1378 to cover this. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to it very soon, but I’d be happy to support you or anyone else who is interested in implementing it and opening a pull request.


Thank you very much Kevin, this would be a great feature for me.