Quantized Mesh: negative MinimumHeight

Hi everyone!

I have my decoder ready but after analyzing the values I can see most of tiles have a negative value in header's MinimumHeight

So after interpolate each vertex's height, I get several negative values (the height value is correct, always between 0 and 32767

You can check it using this page and you'll get -321.58 as MinimumHeight


With url: http://cesiumjs.org/stk-terrain/tilesets/world/tiles/1/0/0.terrain

What does it mean? Is it possible to have negative height values?

And other question: what is the unit of the actual height? meters?



The page is


Yes, that’s fine. Plenty of points on Earth, even on dry land, have a height that is below the WGS84 ellipsoid. Heights are in meters.