Questions about rendering mechanisms

Does anyone know how cesium defines frames and frame rates during rendering?How many rendering functions are called in one second or how many frames are rendered?Thank you!

Hi @huangnianya

You can take a look at the PerformanceDisplay class to see how the frame latency is calculated. I am not sure by what you mean by how many rendering functions are called: could you mean how many times per second the requestAnimationFrame method is called?


First of all, thank you for answering my question.Secondly, yes, I mean the number of times the requestAnimationFrame method is called.In addition, I have a few questions.
1.I want to know how to calculate the frame rate parameter of the inspector in 3D Tiles? In which category can I see relevant information?
2.Whether it is feasible to calculate the frame rate by using the interval of calling the requestAnimationFrame method?
3.Does the render method be called by the requestAnimation Frame once to render a frame of data?
4.Does the rendering process schedule the next frame while rendering the previous one?
Finally, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions!