R: Re: [cesium-dev] navigation on on touch screen devices

Hi Guillaume,

I tried to use https://github.com/alberto-acevedo/cesium-navigation

but it does not work.

when I use ol3_cesium and I create the 3D map should I create a new Cesium.Viewer?

Now use only CesiumScene

var scene = ol3d.getCesiumScene ();

var = new terrainProvider Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider ({

url: ‘//assets.agi.com/stk-terrain/world’,

requestWaterMask: false,

requestVertexNormals: false


scene.terrainProvider = terrainProvider;

ol3d.setEnabled (false);

in CesiumScene is possibie to add naigation controller?

Thank you so much.


Hi Paolo,

Indeed OL3-Cesium is not using the Cesium Viewer or Widget so you may probably not be able to use the

cesium-navigation mixin directly.

With some adaptations, it might be possible to pass the OLCesium object to the CesiumNavigation constructor:

If you come up with something don’t hesitate to contribute it to OL3-Cesium.