RangeError: Invalid Array Length (updateFrustums)


Since b26 I'm experiencing an odd crash in Cesium: it often crashes with a "RangeError: invalid array length" message.

That's the stack trace printed by Cesium: http://postimg.org/image/c1t1zw2cr/

I'm still trying to figure out how to reproduce this bug. Do you have any idea about the root cause of the problem?


That particular message usually pops up because a NaN gets introduced somewhere upstream in a primitive. Assuming that you are creating primitives directly, that’s where I would start to look.

Alessio - let us know if you can consistently reproduce this and we can see if it is a bug in Cesium. A few other folks have reported something similar but then made code changes and it went away, e.g., #1477.


Thanks for the help, I've fixed the problem. I was not calling .destroy on the cesium viewer before creating a new one!