Realistic Ocean Material?

I’m doing a high elevation animation of an island and wanting to get a realistic ocean instead of the depth maps that currently show. Is there a way to customize only the ocean material?

Many thanks!

Are you using Cesium World Terrain and its water mask? If so, then yes. You just need to copy MI_CesiumThreeOverlaysAndClippingAndWater from the Cesium for Unreal plugin into your own project, modify it as you see fit, and specify it as the Water Material on the Cesium3DTileset.

I am trying to do this the way @Kevin_Ring described but the parent material of the MI in question is M_CesiumBaseMaterial, which does not change the ocean rendering even though it is applied as the water material and I do not know how to modify it to make a more realistic ocean. Any more tips would be highly appreciated!

You didn’t answer my previous question: Are you using Cesium World Terrain? If not, the built-in water material won’t help. If you are, just make sure Cesium → Rendering → EnableWaterMask is enabled.

Hi, I am not the same person who started this thread but thanks I will make sure I am using it.

I am not the same person who started this thread

Understood, but that’s still the first question to anyone having trouble with water rendering.