"Region"-style level-of-detail ability?

Does Cesium have any sort of dynamic level-of-detail-based visibility/rendering control, similar to KML’s Region concept ( https://developers.google.com/kml/documentation/regions )? Been looking through the feature list and docs, and don’t see anything along that line.

I don’t have a specific need for this ability right this minute - just trying to help round out my knowledge of Cesium’s capabilities.

Actually, I do have a use case. I’m trying to generate some CZML datasets that would potentially have a lot of labels in them, and it would be nice to have some limits on when all those labels are visible.

Mark, we are very interested in adding similar features to what you describe, we just haven’t had a chance to work on it yet. So they will definitely get done, I just don’t have a solid time frame for you. That being said, if you have a specific need you’re trying to meet right now, we may be able to offer some interim suggestions in the mean time.