Render ony pixels that intersect a section plane


I am working on a research project that aims at integrating Cesium with a third-party simulation software. However, one of the algorithms requires as an input a set of section images of an area, i.e., a voxel of images that contain only those pixels that intersect the section plane of that image. So far, I have created an application that flies from location A to B to cover the area and then saves the webgl canvas to a set of images. As it is, the image rendered contains everything that is inside the frustum. Hence, my next step is tune Cesium to render only those pixels that intercept the section plane (parallel to the camera). Next I plan to test if this can be done with shaders. Since I havent used shaders with Cesium before, I have no idea if this is feasable or if there is a easier solution to the problem, hence, I would appreciate any of your suggestions.

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I don’t know if I completely follow the use case, but is this similar to doing a scissor test in WebGL?