Rendering has stopped Cesium 1.12

Hi guys.

I have encountered “An error occured when rendering” many times. I have to restart my browser (I use firefox) each time.
This error keeps repeating again.

My app fetch kml file oneline and loaded it.I have set SetIntervall javascript function to fetch new kml but before that I delete all datasources within the viewer.

So why I have this message.


Hello Valimo,

I’m not sure what would be causing this, but did you clear your cache after switching to the newer version of Cesium? Sometimes that gives weird errors.

If that’s not the problem, are there any error messages in the console? Do you get this error message right away or is it after the app is running for a while?



Hi Hannah,

In the console I have the same error exception message.
And this issue happens sometimes from the begining of the app and sometimes after app runing for a while.

To avoid end user having this issue, I will test today renderError event and force the current page to reload but I can’t tell you if it is working or not.
And also I am very glad if you can give me another solution.