Rendering Issue frequently after some interval

Hi Cesium Team,

I have been using cesium js nearly from 1 year, I am not using cesium ion subscription, my team is using FME latest version to create tile sets. What is the issue, The tile set which has been created using FME works fine for 1-2 months with cesium js and suddenly it starts giving rendering issue. I have been raised questions on cesium forum and got many suggestions on how to fix it. I followed all the suggestions of your tech team available on cesium forum, still after 1 month, again same rendering issue hits my application today. This behavior of cesium js degrading my belief to stay with cesium js.
Please let me know, How can I get rid of rendering issue?
Since I am not uploading our data on cesium ion, I am unable to create sandcastle too for my application.
You can see the attached screenshot and code for reference.

var defaultZoomAmount = 100000.0;
var cesiumTerrainProvider = Cesium.createWorldTerrain();
var ellipsoidTerrainProvider = new Cesium.EllipsoidTerrainProvider();

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {

terrainProvider: new Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider({
  url: Cesium.IonResource.fromAssetId(1112956),
baseLayerPicker: true,
shadows: false,
shouldAnimate: false,
selectionIndicator: false,
timeline: true,
animation: true,
maximumScale: 20000,


}); = ‘none’; = ‘none’;
viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain = true;
viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 1;

function switchOnOffLOD2(checkedValue){
//for(let i=0 ; i<tilesetArr.length ; i++){
lod2_tileset = viewer.scene.primitives.add(
new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
// url:‘./3DTilesData/CESIUM_Tileset_Solid/LOD2_new/LOD2Buid5499/tileset/tileset.json’,
dynamicScreenSpaceError : true,
dynamicScreenSpaceErrorDensity : 0.0278,
dynamicScreenSpaceErrorFactor : 2.0,
dynamicScreenSpaceErrorHeightFalloff : 0.0025,



Thank you

Hi there,

Since I am not uploading our data on cesium ion, I am unable to create sandcastle too for my application.

It’s difficult to track down the exact issue without the data. It doesn’t need to be on ion in order to create a sandcastle. The tileset just needs to be hosted on a public server. Alternatively, you could send the data to our support email for us to try.

While the FME exporter works well in many cases, Cesium’s 3D tiling pipeline is a bit more specialized than the FME approach and will create the most optimal 3D tiles in terms of rendering performance in CesiumJS.

Hi Gabby,

As you can see my last post was in December 2022 for this thread, I am again facing rendering issue with same tileset. Since I am hosting tileset from local system, I cannot create a sandcastle for it. So, can you please let me know the support email id where I can share my tileset, so you can look into it and find out the issue.
Your help will be precious for me.

Thank you.

Hi @basant1431,

Please email to share your data with us.


Hi @Gabby_Getz ,
I have shared the tileset in email, please look into it.


Thanks @basant1431, I received the data!

I sorry to say this does not appear to be a valid 3D Tileset. I’ve used the 3d-tiles-validator tool to check and see some errors.

I would suggest validating the tileset yourself and fixing errors or updating the tileset.


Thank you so much @Gabby_Getz for your help.