Rendering the water using ue4

At first, while I add the terrain and imagery layer using cesium for ue4, how can I add water mask in cesium terrain using ue4 water plugin( .

Second, If I have a tiff file which show where is water, how can i use water plugin to create a water mask in cesium terrain as the tiff file show.

Hello @jhsyzxy ,

We recently added support for the water mask coming from Cesium World Terrain and any other quantized-mesh dataset with the water mask extension. This feature is already in the main branch in the plugin’s GitHub and will be included in the next release!


It seems very cool,hope for update!

Hey @Nithin_Pranesh

Cesiums been really fun to explore, thanks for bringing this to the Unreal!

I can’t seem to figure out how to mask out the water on any of my projects. I’m currently trying to replace all of the water around the Hawaiian islands with a custom material. Ideally add the UE water system with a dummy landscape in a sub level.

I’ve enabled the water mask checkbox and tried to add a few materials in the water mask material slot but nothing seems to change.

Would you be able to advise on this issue?

Thank you!