Replacing the infoBox

Is there any example code of how one would go about replacing the default infoBox?

Why does the infoBox load everything into an iframe? Is it for security and sanitization or is it not necessary at all?

The problem I’m having is that I cannot control CSS content inside an iframe, and I would like to have a draggable modal option for the infoBox.

When loading nowCOAST’s WMS layer for severe storm warnings, clicking the tiles returns xml data that is invisible unless i set the background to a dark color:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I <3 Cesium!

Jim Lee

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The InfoBox does indeed run in an iframe for security and sanitation purposes. You can remove all restrictions by calling the below line of code after creating the view:


Only do this if you are in complete control of the data that will be loaded into the InfoBox, otherwise it is a security issue.

You can style the infoBox just as easy by injecting any css you want into the viewer.infoBox.frame for example:

        var cssLink = frameDocument.createElement("link");

        cssLink.href = buildModuleUrl('Path/To/Your/CSS/File.css');

        cssLink.rel = "stylesheet";

        cssLink.type = "text/css";


By default, we inject the contents of Widgets/InfoBox/InfoBoxDescription.css

You can also style outer InfoBox properties by overriding the CSS classes defined in Widgets/InfoBox/InfoBox.css in your own apps css file. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to add draggable support in this way, but you can do a bunch of other stuff.

If you want to replace the infoBox completely, then simply pass “infoBox: false” to the Viewer constructor. It’s then up to you to bring up your own widget when an entity is selected. The InfoBox simply displayed the content of the entity.description property. You could copy/paste the existing InfoBox code as a starting point.

Hope that helps.

Greetings! I’m not sure if this workflow has been changed, but attempting to remove the sandbox attribute from viewer.infoBox.frame results in an error of “Cannot read property ‘frame’ of undefined”.

Please advise, if possible! Thank you.


I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem. This code worked for me:

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’);


If you’re still seeing this issue, can you post a code example to reproduce it?



I’m my situation this did not help. I want to add Google Streetview in the infobox in a

- GMAP -
. This div is put in the iframe inside the description :

after I created the viewer:


This does not help. In the elements of the infobox I still see the iframe. What’s wrong there?

var selectedEntity = new Cesium.Entity(); = title;

viewer.selectedEntity = selectedEntity;

selectedEntity.description = theHtml; <- this is a whole set of information which is working fine in my app.

But when I add GMAP with this code:

var position = { lat: Number(lat), lng: Number(lon) };

var streetViewService = new google.maps.StreetViewService();

var latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(Number(lat), Number(lon));

if (!heading) { heading = googleStreetviewSettings.heading; } //if the heading value is null, use default value from settings. This happens when clicking on the billboard.

streetViewService.getPanoramaByLocation(latLng, googleStreetviewSettings.STREETVIEW_MAX_DISTANCE, function (streetViewPanoramaData, status) {

LogManager.log(1, 'Put the streetview map in div: ’ + div_id);

var div = $(’#gmap’); <- This is null!!! This is the problem. I can’t get access to the div to put in the GMAP.

var panorama = new google.maps.StreetViewPanorama(

div, {

position: position,

pov: {

heading: Number(heading),

pitch: Cesium.Math.toRadians(cameraSettings.pitch), //10,

zoom: 0





So what am I doin wrong?

An iframe is a separate context from the rest of the page. This means that the parent context can’t naively access elements from the child context.

Your issue is not specific to Cesium, this is standard browser iframe behavior. Try reading through the documentation to see how to access elements across iframe boundaries.

Hey Scott,

Yeah indeed… that’s the situation. I think it’s possible to change the type of div of the infobox from iframe to ‘normal’ div in de sourcecode of cesium. I did dive deep into this, but did not yett change this in the source.

What happens then is that I’m changing the scope of this and maybe I will make some damage to the reason why the infobox is just inside the iframe.

Maybe @Hannah knows more about this?

In the sourcecode of cesium I will disable the ‘sandbox’ option:

var frame = document.createElement(‘iframe’);

    frame.className = 'cesium-infoBox-iframe';

    //frame.setAttribute('sandbox', 'allow-forms allow-pointer-lock allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-top-navigation'); //allow-pointer-lock allow-scripts allow-top-navigation    

    frame.setAttribute('data-bind', 'style : { maxHeight : maxHeightOffset(40) }');

    frame.setAttribute('allowfullscreen', true);


then I build the cesium code all with npm:

call npm run build

call npm run release

hopefully I can get my

inside the iframe inside the infobox. So let’s try this today… I keep you informed!