requestRenderMode not kicking in until after mouse movement

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Hi all.

I'm new to Cesium, so please forgive me if this is a noob mistake on my part.

I'm using requestRenderMode to increase the performance of my web app per the blog post at Things are working as expected except for when Cesium initially loads. What I'm noticing after the initial load is that Cesium continues its normal update/render cycle, even though requestRenderMode is set to true. This is happening in both my app and the Sandcastle example.

Is this expected behavior? Things seem to start working (aka the FPS goes to "N/A") if I interact with the globe (rotate with the mouse, zoom in, etc).

Cesium 1.47
Firefox 61.0.1
CentOS 7.5

Thanks in advance!

Oh, I just noticed that this does not happen in Chrome 67, but is happening for me in Firefox 61.0.1. I went to in both browsers. The FPS in Chrome goes to "N/A" within 5 seconds, whereas it never flattens out in Firefox.

Maybe this is a bug when using Cesium in Firefox?

This looks like it might be a cross-browser bug! I would open up an issue on the GitHub project describing this test:

Ok, I'll do that. I'm brand new to Cesium, so wanted to make sure it wasn't just me doing something wrong.

Hi there, the issue mentioned above, #6812, has just been closed and should resolve your issue. It will be included in the next release of Cesium on August 1st, and it’s currently available in master on GitHub. Thanks!