Resium/SSR and Dashboard. How to stop cesium re-rendering on click

Hey all,

This is less of a code problem, but more of a high level architecture. I am creating a dashboard for our results of future space population modelling that we are doing at UCL. The aim would be to have a dashboard with multiple ‘views’ that express the data, including a cesium container.

Below shows an example of the dashboard, the issue is that on the side bar, every time a user selects ‘Orbital view’ the container is re-rendered. I am planning to show 20,000 objects, so this always takes a little while and I don’t want this to happen each time as they might be clicking back and forth from other tabs on the sidebar.

I was wondering if there is a way to stop this re-rendering? I have thought about sending it to the back of the website (changing the z-index) but as the application is already quite data heavy, this is not a great option.

Can anyone think of anything else?