Sandcastle link in website

Hi all,

I have started using Sandcastle a lot the past few days and one thing that is not so convenient is the Sandcastle link in the Documentation page.
The location of the button is not so obvious and initially I spent a lot of time to find it.
As a suggestion, it would be great if you could place it somewhere up top the page.


Great suggestion Arsteidis! I actually just went to the doc page ( to try and find the Sandcastle and couldn’t find it for a while…

Adding it to the top and/or to the sidebar perhaps may be useful since it’s a pretty common thing developers need to access I think.

P.S. I moved this topic to “General” since it’s more of a suggestion/feedback. We don’t have any strict delineations between the categories right now, but I’m hoping having these topics in “General” separated out from “support” will show that this kind of feedback is welcome and encourage discussion here.

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Yes :grinning: When I was thinking where to post my question, I went to General initially. But its description discouraged me to do so. Maybe the description should be aligned to include suggested features also :wink: