Search box json

hello, I have a question, I'm doing a search engine within cesium, the data I take from a json, but how could I do that by clicking on the element, address me on the map to that position?

That sounds pretty cool! Is this an open source project or is it going to be online somewhere?

Do you mean you just need to get the 3D location of a point you click on? If so, you can just use the camera.pickRay function to get a ray through a pixel given in 2D window coordinates (so the mouse position), and then use globe.pick to get the 3D position.

hello, it's a personal project, but I'm already trying, but it's slower to do the search from the json, I'm trying to do the direct search to the database, I'm using postgresql and nodejs

If you know the issue is coming from using a big JSON, then yeah changing that to search from a database would help. I can help answer any CesiumJS specific questions. For setting up a database, I would Google for Nodejs/postgresql resources.

Good luck!