Selection billboards By drawing tools

Hello all

is there any tutorial to let me select a billboards after i complete drawing a box,rectangle or circle ...?

I using DrawHelper plugins

Thanks in Advance


There are events you can register a callback upon adding the geometric primitive/entity, but I’m not sure exactly you mean by selecting a billboard.

thanks Mike LP

i mean by selecting a billboard:
if i have a thousandth of billboard that have show value to false(Not visible) and i have an array that contain it's position,then after i complete drawing shape(box,rectangle or circle...)
the billboard that have position inside shape area set show value to true.
selecting a billboard inside shape area (this is my question :))



There are no point-in-geometry detection methods built into Cesium currently.

I’ve never used DrawHelper, so I’m not sure if the outline data is available for your shapes. If it is, you could use that data as a polygon and loop through all of your billboard locations and test them against a generic point-in-polygon function.

There are a lot of resources on how to make a point-in-polygon method on the internet. A search for “javascript point in polygon” will provide a good reference.