Separate entity orientation from model orientation?

Say that I have an entity that comprises of a model and an ellipsoid. The ellipsoid needs to be facing a certain way, so I set the orientation of the entity using a Transforms.headingPitchRollQuaternion.

It also happens that the model isn’t oriented the right way. However, I can’t use the orientation to rotate the model as well, because doing so will break the orientation of the ellipsoid.

Is it possible to have the orientation of a model set to a different value to the entity’s orientation? If not, could something like this be done for the ellipsoid?

It seems to me that it is easier to rotate everything around the earth coordinate system using rotation matrices or quaternions.

Apologies - I meant having a case where an Entity could have two different orientation properties; for instance, the model part of the Entity would have one orientation, and the ellipsoid part of the Entity would have the second orientation.