serving terrain tiles off of S3

**Hi all, I’ve created a set of terrain tiles in Cesium Terrain Builder that I’d like to use as a CesiumTerrainProvider. It works when I tested with a local server. **

My question: is it possible to just upload those tiles to an S3 bucket and point Cesium at that, or do I need to actually use a server? If the former, are there any specific settings I need to use to make it work?

You can set up your s3 bucket as a static webserver. That should do the trick.

Thanks. Maybe a dumb question, but which options should I be setting? I don’t see one that actually reads static webserver – is that different from the default?

Not a dumb question at all. I actually jumped the gun on answering the question. Setting the bucket as a webserver isn't necessary, sorry to lead you astray. You'll need to make your tiles public, and I believe you will need to add a CORS policy.

On the CORS configuration you can add the following: