Set zoom range for data source

New to Cesium.

Probably something very simple: how do I set a zoom range for a data source i.e. display only when zoomed in.

Feel free to spoon feed me the code :slight_smile:

var translucentRed = Cesium.Color.HOTPINK.withAlpha(0.5);

//Example 1: Load with default styling.

        stroke: translucentRed,
        fill: Cesium.Color.PINK.withAlpha(0.5),
        strokeWidth: 1
      } )


Welcome to the community! :grinning: :rocket: I would recommend using the show member of your entity to control the visibility. The positionWC member of Camera can be used to access the position of the camera in world coordinates. If the Camera object is in a given z-axis range, you can toggle show on your entity. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! I am looking forward to learning more. This is just one solution to your issue - community input and ideas are also welcomed!