Setting label visibility not working properly in Cesium 1.26

Hello everyone,

I have this Sandcastle: every time you click on the canvas, the label is alternatively being hidden or visible. It works correctly the first two clicks but on the third click the label is still visible and only the point is hidden.
This feature worked correctly in the previous version.

There is another related issue: when I’m setting the point heightReference to CLAMP_TO_GROUND, after the 3rd click the point image is bigger and is blurry:

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce this issue in the Sandcastle, but it happens in my project when the only thing I change is the ground clamping. It happens in Chrome and Firefox.


Hello Camila,

I think you’re seeing this bug:

I’ve added your code example and linked to this forum post, we’ll give you an update when it’s fixed.



This issue was just fixed and will be available in the Cesium 1.27 release available on November 1st.