Setting up TextureAtlas

Just wanted to mention that, after messing around with creating BillboardCollections, Billboards, and TextureAtlas's and seeing an alternative way to do it, I really think it would be beneficial to others for you guys to provide an example in the Demos/SandCastle of creating a TextureAtlas using the TextureAtlasBuilder. Using the method shown in the Sandcastle of dynamically creating an image and then assigning the src aftward and using the onload event just.. seems like a weird way to do it. Using the TextureAtlasBuilder to create a TextureAtlas from an icon is super simple and seems like a much easier way to do this.

Also, I know the documentation is still a work in progress but the documentation for the TextureAtlasBuilder doesn't show that the constructor accepts a TextureAtlas as a parameter.


I agree this part of the API could be easier. The plan for Cesium 1.0 is to be able to assign images directly to billboards so they will not need to manage a texture atlas directly. This will be much easier than the current approach. Keep an eye on #1688.