Shape file event handler

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a better experience for loading big shape file data, and I started hooking into the collection Change event to see if it can be useful. However;

  1. when it triggers it’s all the entities all at once, and not each item as they’re added to the collection. How can I get more info about a) entities found, and b) when they’re added to the collection? (I did look through the Cesium code for this, and it looks like they’re added one by one, but I suspect the parser is so fast only one event triggers?) Would it be possible somewhere to fetch the info found after parsing, but before stuff gets added?

  2. I played around with suspendEvents() and resumeEvents(), but they kept creating race conditions of blank changes.

I’ve got a minimal Sandcastle with the code;

If you comment out the two lines, the event triggers a race condition of sorts, and you have to close the app tab down.