Show path inside models

I’m drawing paths using Cesium, but when the path comes across the 3d model I put, it disappears like this:


Is there any solutions to show the path inside the model?

Hello @xyflii,
my idea - if you use ’ PolylineGraphics may be options clampToGround & ‘zIndex’ can help you. Also very good - if you add Sandcastle sample link - for real look & test solution

Thank you for your help, but I’m using the pathgraphics because I want to track the route and it seems does not has the property of clamptoToGround , here is the code

        let entity = this.viewer.entities.add({
          availability: new Cesium.TimeIntervalCollection([
            new Cesium.TimeInterval({
              start: _start, 
              stop: _stop
          path: {
            resolution: 1024,
            trailTime: 8888888,
            leadTime: 0,
            material: Cesium.Color.YELLOW,
            show: true,
            width: 3,
          position: property,
          orientation: new Cesium.VelocityOrientationProperty(property),

Hm, yes - this may be not have simple solution.
For other primitives - similar as point - Cesium have options for this effect - BUT not for ParthGraphics.

may be only special solution - similar as fabric or customShader in ExperimentalModel.
But its all as I see in Cesium range. Sorry (