Showing CityGML content in AR foundation Unity

Hello All,

I’ve been trying functionality of Unity Cesium Extension and I have a use case that showing CityGML data through Cesium ion. From my understanding I have set up everything correctly but seems like my building not centered correctly. Also I am having a chance to check my buildings location from Cesium Ion, they seems okey but when it comes to check from unity scene, the buildings are just pink and under the main scene. How does bring buildings into the main scene ? Thanks.

Hi @salih,

  1. For the building being “not centered correctly,” can you try zooming to a point close to the buildings, then pressing the Place Origin Here button on the CesiumGeoreference?

  2. What render pipeline you’re using? Cesium for Unity is primarily built for URP, though it should also work with HDRP. We do not support Unity’s built-in render pipeline, so these errors may be related to that.

Let me know if I have misunderstood any of your questions.