Sky terrain visibility at WGS84 height < 0

Just wondering if there are any planned fixes or workarounds for the sky and terrain disappearing below WGS84 altitude < 0.

Here in the SF bay area all of the shoreline and most of Silicon Valley are below this altitude making Cesium unusable for low-level applications.

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We absolutely plan to fix it, but don’t have an exact ETA on when it will be fixed. The only work around for now is to disable horizon culling. To do that just change at

to if(false) so that the block is never executed. This will increase the number of tiles that get loaded for a given view and will affect both bandwidth and performance, but depending on your use case it might not be noticeable.

Hi Matt,

Now that we are working on 3D buildings (in San Francisco nonetheless), this issue has become more important to us. We can’t commit to it yet, but there’s a good chance this will be fixed in Cesium 1.12 in August.