Slow tab switch in Chrome

I have noticed that when I leave a browser tab in Chrome with CesiumJS running and return to that tab after browsing other pages, opening of that tab has noticeable lag (~2 seconds).

I have latest Chrome (88.0.4324.96) on pretty powerful MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) and MacOS Catalina.

This doesn’t happen e.g. on Safari browser on Mac. Could it be that Chrome is putting some worker code to sleep & restarting it when tab is opened after some time? If so, could some kind of timeout be added so that it wouldn’t interfere with opening of the tab.

I can reproduce this with the Sandcastle basic demo page running at:

Also it’s interesting that this happens even after I destroy the viewer with: Viewer - Cesium Documentation

So I guess there is some leftover workers/threads after destroying the viewer which slow down the tab switch.

This is also not happening on Windows Chrome, so currently been able to reproduce on Mac Chrome & MacOS Catalina.