Something broke in 1.23

I have a strange problem after the upgrade to 1.23

I get this error:

An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.

DeveloperError: point is required.


at new DeveloperError (

at Function.BoundingSphere.expand (

at Array.writePositionScaleAndRotation (

at BillboardCollection.update (

at LabelCollection.update (

at PrimitiveCollection.update (

at updatePrimitives (

at executeCommandsInViewport (

at updateAndExecuteCommands (

at render (

it happens 5-60 secs after the page finishes to load, and can be demonstrated here:

on 1.22 the problem does not appear , you can try it here

I have checked the change log from 22 to 23 but there is nothing that could trigger this.

Also it is quite hard to pinpoint and debug it since it is in the core function of cesium and the trace does not originate from one of my functions

Any ideas about this , or how i can debug it ?

Thank you in advance


Hello Manolis,

I visited and the application did not crash for me. What browser and OS are you using?

Also, maybe try clearing your cache or running in incognito mode. Sometimes that can cause weird problems when switching between version of Cesium.



Hi Hannah,
Thank you for taking the time to look at this!

I have actually just isolated the problem and removed the offending code.

this sequence brings up the error:

e2.label.scale =0;

e2.label.heightReference = Cesium.HeightReference.CLAMP_TO_GROUND;

although i am currently unable to reproduce it in the sandcastle

will keep this thread updated with my findings

Τη Παρασκευή, 15 Ιουλίου 2016 - 4:27:10 μ.μ. UTC+3, ο χρήστης Hannah Pinkos έγραψε:

I’m experiencing this exact issue.

I’m still trying to track it down, but I think it occurs when you create one label with a heightReference not equal to NONE, then create another label with a heightReference of NONE.

Maybe it’s related to this?

Thanks for looking into this, David!

It definitely looks like it’s related. I’m not changing the heightReference of an existing label though, just adding new ones.