stop/start entity

Hi Gabby,

How to stop/start entity of a aircraft in cesium??
without using
"viewer.clock.shouldAnimate = false;"

Hi there,

You’ll need to specify the list of your positions to reflect the starting and stopping. Entities are designed to all be synced with the clock.

Can you provide more detail on why you can’t use shouldAnimate and what else is in the scene?



HI Gabby,

If i use multiple entities, and incase i use shouldAnimate=false. then all the entities gets stopped since entities are designed to all be synced with the clock.

Particularly, aim is to stop either any one of the entity so that it may not affect operation of another entity

For eg say :

I have a cesium truck and cesium Aircraft, case where i need to stop only cesium truck at particular point and cesium aircraft need to continue its operation.

and if i use
shouldAnimate=false, then both entities gets stopped, which i dont want this behaviour. I need to stop only truck and cesium aircraft should continue its operation

How would we manage this in code.?



Shubham M

Yes, you’d need to update the position property so it reflects a constant position. You can either modify the list of positions so that you get the effect you desire, or you could do something more complex with a sampledPositionProperty or a callbackProperty.

Hi Gabby,

Didn’t understand it. Can you please elaborate.??


Shubham M