Store tiles in sql database rather than disk?

I’m running a project that reads and displays tiles through OpenStreetMapImageryProvider. The tiles are stored locally on the disk, and I’m not running a geo server. I don’t need geo server because I’m not displaying geo data but just images. Is there an easy way to store and read the tiles from sql database, rather than from the local disk. There are multiple reasons why I want it this way: First my VPS is running out of inodes in spite of the fact there’s many free available space. Second it would be faster to upload a single database rather than millions of files and third I read that it’s more effective to read small images from database rather than from disk.

Any suggestions (which exclude installing geo server)?

Yep - you want the “MBTiles” file format, which is just an SQLite database with a particular schema. See and .

That’s what I needed, thanks a lot.