Stretching of WMS style icons

I have imagery layer on WFS server which contains a set of points. I selected one of standard styles for displaying of this points (black circle). When I trying to add this layer on globe, this circles looks stretched but on images, received from WFS server they are exact round. What can be the reason?

Some screenshots:

How data looks on the server:

One of images, received from the server:

How it looks on the globe:

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Something can appear circular in 2D, or in 3D but because of the projection it can’t be circular in both cases. This is a side-effect of using raster data to draw points vs actual points in Cesium. Are you sure your imagery layer is configured to use the right projection? That might be helpful to double check. You should be able to tell if this is a projection problem by switching to a 2D view – if the circles are fine then, then that’s the issue.

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel

Hi Rachel, thank you for the answer!

I checked in 2D mode, the circles are exact round. But I'm not using 2D view in my application (3D view only) :frowning:

The coordinate system of the layer in geoserver is EPSG3044. In Cesium Imagery Provider I'm using next parameters:

Can the non EPSG:4326 projection of the source layer on geoserver be the reason of the problem? Or maybe there is some specific setting in cesium Imagery layer\Imagery provider to avoid this stretching in 3D mode?

isgrek, this is a fundamental issue with draping 2D imagery onto a 3D globe, there are no settings or configuration that can fix it. The only real solution is to not have your circles be drawn through raster tiles and instead have them rendered as vector data (via Cesium primitives), however the details of that vary greatly depending on the type of source data you have to work with.

You don’t necessarily need to jump to vector data. You just need to make sure that the map projection in which you draw your circles is conformal-ish. EPSG:4326 (called Geographic in Cesium) is definitely not, and will create the effect you’re seeing. But the other projection supported by Cesium, EPSG:3857 or Web Mercator, is nearly conformal. This means that the circles will change size as you get near the poles, but they’ll stay circles.