Support for Paint Tool


I’ve come to a point where I need to quickly fill the scene with lightweight props. Putting a painted plane(s) below the ground is a possible workaround, but nowhere as fast, as it requires lots of adjustments, especially in uneven areas. I’m wondering if I should expect Cesium generated ground to be “paintable” with Paint Tool in upcoming releases, or if there is a special setting I could use to make it paintable now?

I don’t know offhand, but my guess is that the paint tool only works on USD prims.

@ryan_veenstra or @Cory_Barr have you used the paint tool before?

Apologies for the delay. The paint tool uses raycasting to during painting, which isn’t currently supported by the Fabric Scene Delegate system in Omniverse that Cesium for Omniverse utilises.

Raycasting / Physics support with Fabric is something we’re hoping becomes available in a future version of Omniverse. For now, you’ll need to utilise your work around by painting onto other geometry.