Support of 2byte characters on TilingPipelineTools

I have a problem that 2byte characters of 3DTiles attribution are garbled. 3DTiles are converted from CityGML(UTF-8) by “3D Buildings Tiler” of On-Premise TilingPipelineTools.I tried converting with same CityGML by Cesium Ion, and the result was fine(ID:451507).2byteCharacters
The uploaded image is a result of On-Premise TilingPipelineTools.
Are there any suggestions about this problem?
Best regards,
Tetsu Takizawa

Hi there,

We’re looking into this. What characters did you use specifically for the attribution? Thanks.

Thank you for your reply.

The characters are 浸水深.
After this inquiry,I tried Linux version tool, and the result was fine.
So,I guess that the problem is on Windows version tool.
Best regards,
Tetsu Takizawa