Task Processor

Mi name is Alex,

I have one question about the Task Processor in Cesium,

I would work with "Web Workers" in Cesium. But i found the "Task Processor".

I have a few questions about Task Processor

1) In the fist places, i find un Cesium Documentation how to send the information to second thread in this url, but i don't know how
to recive this information in the Thread.


2) In a second place, i don't see how to return the information from the second Thread

3) Finally, Where I could find a complete example with Task Processor

Thanks a million

Hi Alex,

As far as I’m aware, the TaskProcessor is mainly used inside the Cesium library itself for more intensive tasks like creating geometries to render. It references and runs script files in the Workers directory. I haven’t seen it used much in Cesium apps, so I don’t have a good complete example to point to.

All in all, I would not use the Cesium API if you wanted to create separate web worker tasks. I would recommend using the Web Worker API.



Hi Gabby,

In the first place, sorry for answering late,
Thanks for the answer, I understood the TaskProcessor function,

Thanks a million,