terrain as json array values

Has anyone created a terrain provider that works a la the readymap.org terrain in which for each tile it just provides the elevation values as an array in the json response?


I don’t believe we have one, but Kevin would know better. (He’s at SIGGRAPH, so there’s only a 50/50 change he’ll read this before next week). It may not be that hard to implement though, given our TerrainProvider interface: http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/Documentation/TerrainProvider.html

If you write one, we’d be happy to incorporate it into Cesium proper.

Ok thanks. I'll keep and eye out to see if Kevin responds. If I make something up I'll let the forum know.



I just confirmed with Kevin offline that we don’t have one but it should be trivial to write. If you decide to take a stab at it, definitely open a pull request and we can help you out and merge it into Cesium if you’d like to contribute it.

I have some other priorities at the moment but I'll get to it eventually.