Terrain Height Extract

Is there a way to export terrain height? Whether a heightmap or something with more specific, absolute values like a .csv file? I’m trying to get the data for certain areas, to carry over to another project. I don’t need/want buildings, but I do still need the landscape.

Hi @GamesByH

The sampleTerrainMostDetailed function can provide the terrain positions for a given list of cartographic positions.

This sounds like it may be what I’m after. But, will it work for terrain only? No trees, buildings, or anything?

Is it the height of all points between the two in the API’s example? Per meter? Or only the two points?

How would this affect pricing, per the geocode & data-streaming for free users?

Yes, terrain only, however its quite slow. But I’d start there before looking into other options. The concept of “all points” is a bit loose, given it comes down to the resolution you sample at. Most terrains are given in a grid of a certain size, extrapolated into the sampled returns. The resolution of the terrain can vary, even in quantized grids (variable). You can also sample at a resolution you need, and then extrapolate yourself which might be faster, depending on how precise you need it.



I see. Does this use up anything under my pricing plan? I didn’t get an answer for that. I was looking to get the heightmap/height data to generate a mesh in another program. It’s quite an area, though.

Dunno, that’s a question Cesium the company can answer. However, is your question about using CesiumJS the engine as a means to develop an app, or are you just using the UI in Cesium Ion? I can only help you with the former.



Whichever I can get the height data from. I was thinking JS like he linked, but if Cesium ION can export the height values for a given area that works too.

Looking at the Cesium World Terrain “Terms of use” here indicates that what you’re interested in doing is not allowed.


Oh. I see. Thank you. I will look elsewhere then.