The cesiumjs became very slow with a big size of the html body

Hello everyone,
The cesiumjs became very slow with a big size of the html body. Would you please give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot. The size of html\body\div are as follows.
#cesiumContainer {
width: 9728px;
height: 2160px;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
overflow: hidden;

It might be that the container is too huge so it will have a performance cost. If you reduce the size of the #cesiumContainer does it still lag?

Thank you for your reply. When I set it to my screen size, it’s OK. But I did this to adujst a large screen, which has a width: 9728px; height: 2160px;,so set the div as a static big value。 But my own PC has 1920px and height 1080px. Is it possible that the size of the div corresponding to cesium cannot be set to exceed the maximum value of the device screen? In this case, are there any parameters that can avoid slowness?

What’s your hardware configuration? It looks like recent graphics cards support 7680x4320 to two or more devices.

Thank you for your reply. The splicing screen is used, that is, multiple screens are spliced together. But that’s not my problem. The problem now is that my own PC is 1920 * 1080, but when I set #cesiumcontainer size to width: 3920px, height: 2160px, dragging the map will become slow. Is there a solution?

Maybe this will help you out.