the limitation of boundingSphere in geometry

Hi! Recently, I created a geometry with 360*180 positions which covered the surface of the earth. It worked well when I created a boundingSphere with 2 points. But when I used a boundingSphere like BoundingSphere(Cartesian3.ZERO,500000), error occurred.

Error messages:

An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.

DeveloperError: All attribute lists must have the same number of attributes.
at new t (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:58:529)
at Function.n.computeNumberOfVertices (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:60:2403)
at W (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:60:26036)
at Object.V.wrapLongitude (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:61:2317)
at E (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:61:5540)
at Object.D.combineGeometry (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:61:10408)
at r (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:61:14545)
at DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope. (http://localhost:63342/Cesium-full-b29/Build/Cesium/Workers/combineGeometry.js:61:14018)

Is there any limitation on the use of boundingShere? I’m looking forwards for your answer.

Thanks for your time.

What exactly are you doing with the bounding sphere? The primitive handles the bounding sphere for you.

Also, when creating geometries with a lot of positions like this if it is OK for your app to only work in 3D mode, create the Cesium Viewer widget with “scene3DOnly : false” to save some memory and processing time.