The most efficient way to draw curved polyline from two point datasets

Need to plot hundreds of polylines or arcs where the centre of the polyline is raised and smoothly curved.

This example is close, though it seems time-dependent whereas my polylines have only static information and no need for time: CZML Polyline - Cesium Sandcastle

So what is the most efficient way to draw smoothly bent lines with the centerpoint raised between the start and end of the line?

many thanks

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The result should look like the link below, however, I fear that the interpolation algorithm used in that example will likely use a lot of memory if hundreds of lines are drawn together with many other entities - hence my quest for the most efficient way to do this also without the time dependency

Hello World - Cesium Sandcastle

I think I have sorted it out starting from the example above :slight_smile:
Here is the sandcastle: Cesium Sandcastle

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