Thoughts on the Cesium community

Hi all,

Next week at the FOSS4G NA conference, I am giving a talk, Growing an Open-Source Community: Lessons Learned from Cesium.

I would really love everyone’s feedback on this topic, for example:

  • What do you think has contributed to the significant growth of Cesium?
  • Which resources, e.g., tutorials, code examples, reference docs, forum, etc., are most useful? Least useful? Underutilized?
  • Why do people contribute to Cesium? What makes it easy? What makes it hard?
  • Any comments on Cesium’s GitHub, twitter, or forum?
  • In general, what does the Cesium community do well? What could we improve?
    Looking forward to your thoughts!

Thanks for your support!


Also, I forgot to mention that I appreciate feedback by end of this Thursday so I can incorporate it into this talk. Later feedback is, of course, welcome, it just might not make the talk.

Thanks again!