Tiles loading extremaly slow

Tiles, especially the most used ones - The Open Street maps loading extremely slow.

Is there a way to speed it up ?

That is quite a broad subject to address - there could be lots of reasons why tiles are loading slowly:

  • Slow internet connection on the client

  • Slow connection from the tile server

  • Tile server being far away from end users

  • Tile server itself suffering poor performance

  • etc

If possible you should configure your own tile server so that you have control over a number of the above points that can affect loading speeds. I quite often implement a MapProxy (https://www.mapproxy.org) server so that I can cache tiles on a server that is closer to the users - this normally gives good performance and also takes some load off of the community Open Street Map server which is also a good thing to do.

Hello. Well… I am using the embed tile providers which coming with the Cesium.
The connection I believe is fine, the other maps for instance which is using OSM is loading very fast, almost instantly, while only in Cesium there is significant lag.
Even the demos in the Sandcastle is lagging when tile loading from OSN or alike.

It sounds like the issue is with a specific map provider? Like the default CesiumJS Bing maps loads fine, but it’s the OSM one that is loading slowly?

Can you tell me exactly which one(s) you’re testing, and maybe show a Sandcastle code example of how you’re testing it?

Currently i’ve tried with random starting on the Sandcastle demos on the cesiumjs site - all so far experiencing just the same issue - the OSM stuck or extremally slow loading.

Can you provide a link to other applications that use OSM imagery that you’ve tested that are loading faster for comparison?

Any of our company maps which is still Flash based (which i am aiming to transite to cesium) is loading almost instantly ( 10 - 1000 times faster ), unfortunately it’s only internal intranet stuff.

Are they connected to the public OSM servers, or is the data being loaded from an internal server at your company? If it’s the latter, all you’d have to do is connect CesiumJS to the same OSM server and you’ll get the same loading speed.

We are not having any private OSM server. Everything comes from the public ones.