Tilt control over globe

Please suggest me that how to implement Tilt controls over 3d globe. I have already seen camera tutorial but I am not getting my point there. By using Tilt control, features can be seen in all the three directions. **For reference please visit website " http://bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in/bhuvan_links.php" then open 3d, here there will be a 11MB data file for download. After completion of downloading open it and then through mouse try to tilt. It will be very nicely working. ** Therefore my issue is that how can I apply tilt control over globe so that features over globe can be seen in better manner otherwise there will be no difference between 2d and 3d view if an user is not able to tilt the globe.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Hold down the middle mouse button (push down on the mouse wheel itself) and drag for rotate & tilt. It’s not the most obvious thing, but we’re hoping to have a new nav widget designed and built by the end of summer (see our GSoC ideas page).


Thanks you very much.
But my issues is not like that. Through mouse middle button the globe will tilt only but we are not able to view all three directions . You please kindly see the website link which I have mentioned in previous mail then you will be more clear about my issue. May be it was my bad that I am not using the proper name of that control but I am requesting you to kindly visit the website as Bhuvan 3D and then tilt from top. After that you will see that tiles are coming one by one while zooming and that will make difference in 2d and 3d view.


Kindly visit this link : http://support.google.com/earth/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=176674

Here you will find heading as below:

Tilting the View

Now that you know how to zoom in and out, you are ready to look at the Earth in three dimensions. To do this, you tilt your viewpoint so that you can see elevation changes on the Earth’s surface. This feature is an extremely fun aspect of Google Earth, particularly when you are viewing hilly and mountainous terrain.

I also want to use this control but the issue is how to use through coding.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, we do that, but we don’t have an on-screen control for it yet like Google Earth does. Currently you need a mouse that can distinguish 3 separate buttons: The primary button (typically left) is “Pan” (to change the location you’re observing), secondary button (typically right) is zoom, and the 3rd button (pushing down the mouse wheel itself on a typical mouse) does tilt on the vertical axis, and rotate on the horizontal axis. Tilting is is a great effect when terrain is enabled, to allow you to see mountains sticking up etc.

It’s not very laptop-friendly, many laptops lack a middle button. We should probably assign tilt to an additional input channel, maybe CTRL-left-click or something. The default assignments are here if you want to edit them:


Note that this particular assignment is called “Rotate” not “Tilt” but the vertical axis of this is the effect you’re looking for: the one that reveals terrain and altitude, by orbiting around a single point of interest on the ground, changing the camera’s azimuth (rotate) & elevation (tilt) from that point.

On a mobile device (Chrome for Android with the WebGL flag, or Firefox for Android, or Opera Beta for Android), put 2 fingers on the display and drag them simultaneously up or down to tilt, or twist them around each other to rotate.



Thank you very much. Now the idea about my issue is much more cleared to me and yes I got solution of my problem.

Thanks once again.

If you kindly give some focus on bounding box then I will be grateful to you. Actually I want to apply this on 2d map. In cesium there is a transition among 3d, 2d and Columbus views. In 3D my requirement was that in front of there should be India so I have change value of map center and it is working properly. Now in 2D my requirement is that in front there should be only India as mentioned on website “http://bhuvan3.nrsc.gov.in/bhuvan/bhuvan/bhuvan2d.php” (only the map portion). For this i have to use bounding box, I am trying but not getting success. Kindly put some focus on it. Thanks