Touch interaction one thing at the time

I am trying to separate touch interactions into apple style touch, you can zoom, tilt and rotate but just one at the time. not much luck with disabling things in screenspaceController, rotatiation and tilt dont cleanly seperate. Can i do something mor low level?
Disable screenspace events corresponding to camera events for example?

Cesium default events:
[CameraEventType.RIGHT_DRAG, CameraEventType.WHEEL, CameraEventType.PINCH]
Default Value: [CameraEventType.MIDDLE_DRAG,
CameraEventType.PINCH, { eventType : CameraEventType.LEFT_DRAG, modifier : KeyboardEventModifier.CTRL },
{ eventType : CameraEventType.RIGHT_DRAG, modifier : KeyboardEventModifier.CTRL }

if (type === CameraEventType.LEFT_DRAG) {
down = ScreenSpaceEventType.LEFT_DOWN;
up = ScreenSpaceEventType.LEFT_UP;
} else if (type === CameraEventType.RIGHT_DRAG) {
down = ScreenSpaceEventType.RIGHT_DOWN;
up = ScreenSpaceEventType.RIGHT_UP;
} else if (type === CameraEventType.MIDDLE_DRAG) {
down = ScreenSpaceEventType.MIDDLE_DOWN;
up = ScreenSpaceEventType.MIDDLE_UP;

Hi there,

Are you trying to override all the default event handlers? If so, this example show how to disable them all.

I would also suggest if you want to get fine-grained about the events, and especially the touch events, that you use the default browser event listeners, rather than the built-in one for CesiumJS. You can then map those to the camera movements directly.

I hope that helps a bit.