Track icon in KML file

In Google Earth I can run a KML file and the track icons will follow the gx:angles but when I try to run it in the Cesium then the track icon is always pointed to the top of the screen no matter the way I move the terrain. Is there something dfferent that I need to do using Cesium to get the track icon to follow the angle?

Welcome to the Cesium community Mike!

Are you able to share a sample KML that has these gx:angles ? Since that property is an extension and not a standard part of the KML specification I think CesiumJS may not support it. The billboards (the 2D icons) in Cesium don’t have an orientation, so I think this may need to be implemented by creating a polygon with the icon in it instead, or something else.

We have a GitHub issue here for supporting rotating billboards:

I found in issue 873 that gx:angles is not supported and hpinkos posted in Apr 2017 " Hello florentdu, gx:angles is on our list but I don’t think we’ll have a chance to work on it in the near future." Which I believe is the issue that I am having. I did not know that feature is not in Cesium currently. Thanks Omar