"TypeError: this._dataSourceDisplay undefined" -- but only in Firefox, not in Chrome


my Cesium application (newbie alert: the first one;-)) runs perfectly in the Google Chrome browser; I did not have to do anything about data sources (no need, as I want to use just the viewer's default collection, i.e. Bing, ESRI, OSM, etc.). The OS is Windows 7.

However, when I try to run in Firefox (current version, 37.0.2), I am getting an error message in the widget:

"An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
TypeError: this._dataSourceDisplay is undefined."
(Follows the call stack, unfortunately not copy-pastable; last line refers to Cesium.js:148637:25, the widget.render() call).

It is not Firefox per se: HelloWorld and the Sandcastle demos do run fine.

But I have no idea what my application may be missing which is not necessary for Chrome, but vital for Firefox.

In what direction should I be looking?
(If at all possible, I'd like to continue to avoid explicit messing about with data sources.)

Thanks in advance for all tips.


While I would love to give you an answer, this type of problem sounds impossible to debug without having some sample code that allows us to reproduce the issue on our end. I will say that it’s most likely something specific to your application since we’ve never encountered what you’ve described before.

Thanks for the reply, Matthew. I did of course think about providing sample code, but it is difficult because the application (which itself will be freeware) depends on another (commercial) one to work at all.
Moreover, I am convinced myself that this is something to do with my application, not with Firefox per se, or Cesium.

I was just hoping that it is "only" some kind of standard problem with an easy answer if one knows where to look. But apparently not. I'll investigate further and try to concoct a simpler test case.