UE game encounters Fatal Crash when game directory is not writable

We recently observed that when running a UE application containing CesiumForUnreal plugin, if the directory containing the UE app does not have write permission for the user then there’s a Fatal Crash. This only happens when trying to use the CesiumForUnreal plugin. The app is able to run fine if the plugin features are not accessed. Does the CesiumForUnreal plugin require the UE app directory to be writable? And if so, are there workarounds for allowing the app to run in cases where the app directory is read-only?

Thank you,
-Harshal Mehta

It’s a setting from your operating system. like in windows, you have to configure restrictions on a user account for your system directory.

Cesium for Unreal stores its request cache in the directory returned by FPaths::EngineUserDir(). According to the Unreal documentation, that directory should always be writable:

I’m not sure if this represents a bug in the UE documentation, or if there is some unusual configuration on your system.

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