Unable to access Cesium in QGIS


I want to try Photorealistic 3D Tiles in QGIS. However, I was not able to connect to Cesium in QGIS. When I click on Cesium ion in “Browser” panel, it opened up a permission page on my browser asking for permission. I click allowed then I got an error on my browser below. I attached several images from Microsoft Edge DevTools and QGIS. It would be great if you could help with this issue.


Hi Tanapon,

This appears to be an issue with the QGIS application. The best way to get this resolved would be to work with the QGIS team.

The QGIS application is providing a local host URL ( for Cesium ion to redirect to after authenticating with Cesium ion. Based on the screen shots the Ceisum ion portion is working, and the error occurs when it tries to redirect back to the URL that QGIS provided.

This could be because the configuration for the QGIS application is incorrect. It could also be an issue with your computer restricting network access. Either way the best way forward would be to connect with the QGIS team and confirm what the expected behavior for their application is to trouble shoot further.

Hi Tanapon,
The best way to report bugs with the plugin is from the plugin bug tracker. Found here: Issues · north-road/cesium-ion-plugin · GitHub